Wandering the Sprawl

The party agrees to join up with Reynold’s band and sets off immediately to inform the rest of his cohort. The sun is setting by the time Reynold convinces his band to work with the party, so the PCs join the camp and set up for the night. In the middle of the night, you are awakened by shouting. It seems that one of Reynold’s men doesn’t like his new companions and has fled with one of the horses.

After three days of chase, you find Olist surrounded by a band of orcs and goblins high up in the Darian Mountains. After a brutal battle, Olist has vanished and a dwarf has appeared. Going by the name of Bofrik, the dwarf seems to be on a mission from his God, a God of wealth and prosperity. Why not bring him along?

On the way back to Pearview Manor, you pay a visit to one of Khala’s mountain homes. The place is abandoned but for a housekeeper, one of Khala’s nephews and his retainer. He invites you in for a night of Elk dining and wine drinking. Your stores are replenished. In the morning, Raelyn meets one of Khala’s hunters as he returns from an evening hunt. You depart the manor rested and refreshed.

Back at Pearview Manor, constables have taken up various positions of guard. Andrew is disconcerted to find himself surrounded by Termini soldiers and discharges them once you arrive. You head into town to receive your pay for the surveying mission, get more supplies, and try to decide what to do about Khala.



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