Session 4

In our last session, the party fought an Imp named Torx, capturing him and placing him in a chest. Previously in the chest was a bark harp owned by a tree sprite named Mauni, who was elated to receive the harp and the boxed Imp.

The party takes their tree harp and return to Pearview Manor. They rest in the outdoor Yurt for the evening, and in the morning bring the cherry they’ve received from Mauni to Andrew. His blank face changed its expression after Brandon the gardener puts the cherry in his mouth. Somehow, the cherry brings him out of his stupor. The PCs inform him of the goings on in his estate: The tunnel dug by unknown miscreants and the subsequent battle and the blank faced pear carriers all around his land.

Andrew knows little of the problems having been in a stupor for so many years. He is able to provide the PCs with 5 year-old manifests of The Sprawl – exactly the kind of information that Ciudan Llamadon, their original employer, requested. Before the party is able to depart to Aranza to deliver the information, Andrew asks them to become his temporary bodyguards.

An ill-hatched plan is made to defend Pearview Manor against the tunnel-diggers who had been coming and going so freely over the last nine months. Three overwatch positions with one substitute are made around the manor. Baruh and Harkis wait and watch from inside the abandoned gardening shed. Portia keeps watch out of the North window of Andrew’s Manor, and Raelyn watches from the South window. Two days later, Baruh sees a red flicker in the orchard to the North. Over the last 2 days, Raelyn passed out on her post and had full rest, Portia abandoned her post to be taken by Baruh and got one night’s rest, Harkis got two hours of sleep accidentally, and Baruh none.

The sleep-deprived adventurers make their way out into the orchard and run down the tall man in red leather apparel. Baruh casts expeditious retreat on himself and very easily runs down the man, who sticks him with a crossbow bolt and a rapier before being felled by a pair of Color Sprays.

The man surrenders and is marched back to the manor for questioning. Not long after he volunteers his name (in a Russio-New-Jersey accent, according to Sabrina), Reynold, a pair of constables arrive at the manor with the gardener. They have come to investigate the dead in the tunnels, but upon finding the PCs with a captive, demand that all five of them report to the Aranzan constabulatory for questioning. Baruh refuses this and rapidly escalates tensions between the party and the constables. Lord Andrew defuses the situation by reminding the constables that the PCs were his personal guard, and that in their absence his estate will be unguarded. They return to the city for reinforcements who will be responsible for protecting his estate.

Now with more time to interrogate their prisoner, the party manages to learn a few more things. He is an employee of some Termini nobleman named Khala Tristeri. Khala wants to be lord over The Sprawl and has hired him to find a way. Baruh suggests that Reynold betray Khala and help the PCs defeat him. Reynold accepts.



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